Taylor Swift ‘ignores’ Celine Dion during rare public at 2024 Grammys | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

On social media, Mr Roach has been highly praised for Celine’s outfits as many fans were overjoyed to see her for the iconic night.

One user said: “Crying my eyes out!!! So so happy to see her and she looks amazing!”

Another person wrote: “[Celine is] the only one who could bring [Mr Roach] outta retirement and I respect it.

Someone else commented: “I was so happy to see her! Well done LAW!”

However, some people have also taken to social media to criticise Taylor Swift as it appeared the Midnights singer did not acknowledge Celine as she accepted her award.

One popular comment read: “Who noticed that Taylor Swift didn’t even acknowledge the icon Celine? [I] am so upset, my ratings have drop for her. No matter how excited she is Celine is an icon.”

A second popular comment said: “Taylor is so full of herself!! Celine is all grace and elegance…we miss you so much, Celine. You look beautiful!!“

One other comment read: “Celine is there and Taylor just ignores her…unbelievable!”

However, there appears to be no hard feelings between Taylor and Celine as the pair laughed and posed for a photograph together backstage.

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