Sonos’ first headphones now rumored to launch in June for $449


Sonos plans to release its first pair of wireless headphones in June after dealing with some late-stage software setbacks, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The headphones will tie into the company’s ecosystem of speakers and home theater soundbars and are expected to be priced at $449, putting them firmly in the premium market of mainstream consumer headphones.

There’s a lot riding on these upcoming headphones for Sonos. CEO Patrick Spence has made it clear that the company has high hopes for its latest hardware category. “This is the beginning of a multi-year product cycle where we expect to reap the rewards of our R&D investments,” Spence said on an earnings call in November. “This cycle begins with our entry into a new multi-billion dollar category in the second half of the [fiscal] year that will complement our current offerings, delight customers, and drive immediate revenue.”

The road to the headphones launch has been a long one; Spence reportedly decided to temporarily shelve the project in 2020, delaying an initial plan to come to market in 2021.

Sonos “aims to produce between 650,000 and 1 million units over the next year to fulfill demand” for the headphones, according to Bloomberg, signaling that it has confidence in the product, which will stream music over Wi-Fi for richer audio fidelity when used in the home. You’ll also be able to listen to content from any TV that’s hooked up to a Sonos-branded soundbar.

Bloomberg’s report also reveals that Sonos is developing a large party speaker to directly challenge JBL, LG, Sony, and other players in that space. The Move 2 is plenty loud as it is, so I can only imagine what an oversized Sonos speaker would be capable of.

With a release planned for early June — Sonos had originally targeted May, per the report — it won’t be long before we learn how Sonos plans to stand out from the headphone crowd. Bloomberg says the company is already eyeing a second-gen model and potentially its own wireless earbuds, since those could have their own unique appeal for consumers who prefer an in-ear approach.


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