Remove the smelliest fridge odours using genius £0 trick – it’s not baking soda

Refrigerators are essential for keeping our food fresh, but they can sometimes harbour unpleasant odours that linger despite regular cleaning. 

Experts at Whirlpool have shared a clever and cost-effective trick to tackle even the smelliest fridge odours using everyday household items, old newspaper and cooking vanilla. 

This simple yet effective method is gaining attention for its ease of use and impressive results.

To execute this odour-busting trick, you’ll need just a few sheets of newspaper, a paper plate, and some cooking vanilla. 

Begin by tearing newspaper pages into manageable sizes and crumpling them into loose balls. 

The amount of newspaper you’ll need depends on the size of your fridge, but aim for enough to place a few balls on each shelf.

Once you have your newspaper balls ready, add a drop of cooking vanilla to each one. 

The vanilla will help neutralise any odours and leave a pleasant scent.

Arrange the newspaper balls on a paper plate and place the plate on each shelf of your refrigerator and freezer compartments. 

Make sure the newspaper balls are spread out to cover as much area as possible.

Leave the newspaper and vanilla balls in your fridge for up to a few weeks. 

Explaining how it works, Whirlpool said: “The carbon in newspaper ink will help absorb unpleasant odours.”

Combined with the deodorizing effect of vanilla, this method ensures that your refrigerator stays smelling fresh without the need for harsh chemicals or expensive odor eliminators.

Regular maintenance of your refrigerator is still essential. 

Cleaning spills promptly, properly sealing food containers, and disposing of expired items can prevent odours from developing. 

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