Prince William taking priority over Prince Harry was ’not a question‘ | Royal | News

Prince William was „no question“ always going to take „centre stage“ at the wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, and Olivia Henson on June 7 at Chester Cathedral.

The Duke has been a close friend to both William and Prince Harry over the years, but while William served as an usher at the nuptials Harry was nowhere to be seen.

Although it is understood that the Duke of Sussex would have been invited, he instead came to a „civilised understanding“ with the groom to stay away, allowing William to play his role.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward explained that it was always going to be Harry that would have to turn down his invitation rather than his older brother.

She told The Mirror: „The Dukes of Westminster have always been close to the Royal Family. William and Harry’s mum Princess Diana was close friends with Hugh Grosvenor’s mum, Natalia.

„Tally as she is known, is Prince William’s godmother and in turn, Diana was godmother to her daughter, Edwina.

„In yet another family tie, Hugh is one of King Charles‘ many godsons and will certainly receive a wedding gift from his godfather even though he will not be attending the nuptials.

„Young Hugh is also a godfather to Prince George. There was never any question as to which of the brothers would take centre stage at the wedding.

„It had to be William. Harry made it clear he wouldn’t be attending having had a chat with Hugh about the awkward situation and agreeing he should be the one to step down.“

Ms Seward added: „There was also the question of Meghan being unwilling to attend such a high-profile society wedding knowing that most of that very society disliked her. Why would she want to come to a country where she could be pilloried, snubbed and embarrassed?

„Hers and Harry’s presence would certainly have distracted from the bride and groom and even Meghan would know that would be the height of bad manners.“

The rift between Harry and William continues to run deep, as demonstrated by their inability to even attend the same society wedding together.

Ms Seward, who is editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, explained: „Harry issued an unofficial memo saying, ‚The Duke of Sussex sends his love and support and admiration for the couple for their wedding day.‘ It is a sad reflection of William and Harry’s troubled relationship that the brothers cannot even be in the same place at the same time.

„As an usher William would have had to guide Harry as a member of the Royal Family to a designated seat in the church. In the old days that would have provided the brothers with a lot of teasing and laughter with each other.

„Today it would make headlines of the wrong sort. It is a great sadness it has come to this. They will certainly not be reunited in the immediate future.

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