Prince Harry attacked for ’self-indulgent emotional vomiting‘ to millions across the globe | Royal | News

Comedian Abi Roberts took aim at the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry for his latest conversations regarding his mental health and upbringing. In the new Apple TV + documentary, The Me You Can’t See, Prince Harry details the struggles he has had to deal with as a member of the Royal Family. While on TalkRadio with Mark Dolan, Ms Roberts insisted the Duke was emotionally „projectile vomiting“ for all the world to see.

Mr Dolan added it was a hard pill to swallow and accused the Duke of Sussex of being hypocritical.

Ms Roberts agreed and highlighted that people are struggling across the world without the many luxuries Prince Harry has.

She continued: „People are struggling across the world but not only in our country but in America and third world countries.

„Places where the idea of even having a bathroom would be a luxury.

„Then I p*ss** my self laughing, it is absurd when there are people who genuinely cannot even send their kids to school.

„It is just outrageous.“

Prince Harry has faced a stern backlash from both commentators and the public for his candid confessions.

While the Duke has been praised for focussing on the importance of mental health, many have taken issue with his continuous criticism of the monarchy and the rest of the Royal Family. 

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