Prince George, Charlotte and Louis love popular tinned food | Royal | News

Prince William revealed his children are fans of a common tin food, and royal watchers were shocked by it.

On his first visit back to royal duties after taking time out following the Princess of Wales’s cancer diagnosis, William shared a surprising detail about Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’s meals and they were not as royal-worthy as people would have expected.

During this visit to the food distribution charity Surplus to Supper on April 18, a volunteer learned that the royal children were fans of spaghetti hoops.

While in the charity’s kitchen, William pointed to a popular canned food for kids and mentioned that his kids liked the dish.

„He pointed at the food and said, ‚That’s spaghetti hoops‘,“ a volunteer revealed. „And I asked, ‚How do you know about spaghetti hoops?‘ and he said, ‚I’ve got children‘.“

This was not the only fun fact Prince William shared during his visit.

He also shared that his youngest son Prince Louis adores playing cricket and ‚loves‘ the sport.

This is another interest added to the young royals’ repertoire as they are involved in all types of hobbies from dancing to playing rugby, to horse riding.

„They are at an age where they just love running around,“ Kate previously said of her kids‘ endless hobbies. „They all love sport, and Louis is mad about rugby.“

Kensington Palace said the Prince undertook the engagements to shine a spotlight on the organisation’s community and environmental impact.

A spokesperson said: „Protecting the environment for future generations is one of the Prince of Wales’s key priorities.”

It marked William’s first engagement since March 20, as he took a short break from duties to spend time with Kate and their children during the Easter holidays.

The Princess of Wales appealed for her family to have time, space and privacy, when she announced in a video message to the nation on March 22 that she had begun chemotherapy.

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