Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s moment of perfect ‘royal protocol’ has gone viral | Royal | News


Prince George and Princess Charlotte both attended the coronation of King Charles III, and a poignant moment from the ceremony has gone viral. During the procession, the children were seen bowing their heads in perfect synchronicity.

George and Charlotte drove to and from the coronation in a carriage. Traditionally, as the carriage drives by certain points, the passengers bow their heads to show respect. In this case, the children were bowing their heads to the British flag.

A royal watcher posted the footage of the mini royals performing the ritual to TikTok with the caption: “The royal protocol.”

The children can be seen dipping their heads, at the same time, and then lifting their heads up, at the same time.

Prince William and Princess Kate were also in the carriage, but they can’t be seen in the video footage.

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The carriage was driving from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, following the coronation, reports Newsweek.

While such a big day, it’s a long day, especially for children, and the drive back was probably a lot easier going than the drive there, which was probably filled with anticipation.


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