‘People think my baby daughter’s name is ugly – now I’m embarrassed to say it’

A mum has shared her regret over her baby’s name after facing pushback from family and friends – and even strangers.

She confessed that she’s now “embarrassed” to introduce her daughter because of the negative reactions.

The parents had carefully chosen their daughter’s name, Ingrid Skye, even considering how it would sound with their surname.

But the response they’ve received has left them doubting their choice. The baby’s grandmother even refuses to use the name.

In a Reddit post, the mum revealed that she often refers to her seven-month-old as Ish, using her initials, as their surname begins with H.

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However, many people praised the name and encouraged her not to change it because of others’ views.

“Ingrid is a perfectly fine name,” one person wrote. “Cute for a little girl and professional for a future president, easy to spell, everybody knows it but there won’t be other five in her class.”

Another said: “Ingrid is my twin daughter’s middle name. I have never regretted giving her this middle name as I love it. It feels sophisticated to me.”

While a third added: “I think Ingrid is a beautiful name! I’m sorry people are being so rude to you about it.”

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