Outrage after bakery creates ‚Hamas terrorist cake‘ for four-year-old boy | World | News

A bakery has sparked uproar after making a ‚Hamas-themed‘ cake for a four-year-old boy featuring an infamous terrorist and Palestinian flags.

A large cake and smaller cupcakes were produced by Oven Bakery by Fufu in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and images shared on social media showed a child posing by the offensive patisserie dressed in a Hamas-like outfit.

Australian politicians and Jewish groups have expressed outrage at the makers of the bad-taste treats, and it’s reported Federal Police in the country are now investigating.

The cakes appear to be decorated with images of Hamas propagandist Abu Ubaida, and people commenting on the images said it was „cutie“ and „mashallah“ – meaning ‚God willing‘.

In response to the incident, New South Wales Premier Chris Minns said it was „horrifying“, adding: „Hamas is an evil terrorist organisation, kids parties should be innocent and fun, not hateful.“

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney, Australian Jewish Group chief executive Robert Gregory said „dressing a child up as a terrorist, including with what appears to be a Hamas headband is reprehensible and a form of child abuse“.

Mr Gregory added: „Islamic extremism and radicalisation of youth is not just a problem for the Jewish community. It’s a threat to all Australians.

“Australia has seen several recent incidents of Muslim youth allegedly stabbing or plotting to attack other Australians. Indoctrination starts at a young age and is similar to what is seen across the Middle East. This is nothing short of child terrorist grooming.”

Express.co.uk has attempted to contact the bakery in question but social media pages have either been made private or removed.

According to GB News, Australia’s Federal Police Force are now investigating the bakery. In Australia, as in Britain, Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation.

The New York Post reported Alex Ryvchin, the co-chief executive of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, described someone glorfiying terrorism in this way as suffering from “a rare kind of psychosis”.

He said: “It takes a rare kind of psychosis to want to teach infant children that Hamas terrorists are to be admired and emulated. If this is what is happening in some Sydney homes, we should prepare for a generation of violent extremists.“

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