Nurseries told children can ‚come out‘ as trans at any age | Politics | News

Nurseries caring for children and babies in have been told they can „come out“ as transgender at „any age“.

It comes after pre-schools adopted the SNP guidelines following a landmark review into trans youngsters.

However, ministers are increasingly under pressure to ditch the rules, which were initially intended for primary schools and not nurseries.

The changes follow Dr Hilary Cass’s report that recommended children are not rushed into treatment, but are instead given help early.

The Scottish Tories have called for the Cass Review findings to be implemented in Scotland, where an „affirming“ view of trans children is taken.

However, SNP guidance says staff should ask for a child’s new name and pronouns in cases where they say they identify as a member of the opposite sex.

According to The Telegraph, Glasgow Council said it „signposted“ nurseries towards the controversial national guidelines.

Many Glasgow nurseries followed a „gender friendly nursery“ initiative, which said young children feel pressured to “conform to binary gender definitions”.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher MSP said: „While it’s important that all trans people get the support they need, pre-school kids are far too young to understand complex issues about their gender, when their minds and bodies are nowhere near fully developed.“

The Scottish Government schools guidance endorses social transition meaning to change names, pronouns and physical appearance.

Part of the guidance says: „Transgender young people may recognise and discuss their gender identity at any age. Before puberty, any transition or change is limited to socially changing their name, pronoun and gender expression.”

It warns puberty can “often confirm feelings of ‘gender dysphoria’” which could be “very distressing” and lead to self-harm.

SNP education secretary Jenny Gilruth reportedly said she will “consider” whether the schools guidelines need to be updated following the review.

Glasgow council told the Telegraph nurseries were signposted to the „Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools.“

A spokesman added: “The most important part of this learning is about instilling confidence and rights from a young age to expect equality and challenge discrimination of any kind.

“Staff in our schools and nurseries are supported in a variety of ways and this includes signposting to national advice – but that does not detract from every situation being dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

”All our schools and nurseries value and respect the needs and rights of every child.”

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