Next James Bond movie release date ‘leaks ahead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson unveil’ | Films | Entertainment


Multiple publications report that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been offered the role of the new James Bond.

The rumour is the 33-year-old is going through his three to four picture deal with lawyers and agents ahead of a huge annoucement with all living former 007s including Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan.

Bookies’ odds have been suspended on Aaron, who stars in The Fall Guy and Kraven the Hunter later this year.

Meanwhile, the rising star has been playing it very coy around Bond questions in recent interviews so we’d be amazed if he wasn’t a top contender for the role. 

Whatever the case, there’s a Bond 26 filming and release date year mentioned among these latest reports.

Take it all with a pinch of salt, but Daily Mail reports: “They all want this to be one of the biggest announcements ever and are looking to start filming sometime next year to get a movie out in theaters by 2026.”

Assuming the next Bond actor, whether Aaron or someone else, is announced this year it would make sense that shooting begins in 2025, if not late 2024.

Although we wouldn’t rule out the movie releasing in late 2025 as Casino Royale hit cinemas a year after Daniel Craig was announced as the new Bond 20 years ago.


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