New live streaming app is taking the UK by storm

If you’ve got a skill you like to show off or would love to make new friendships across the globe, this could be appy news.

Azar, a video connection platform that matches 95 million users worldwide every day is now taking the UK by storm with an update that allows you to broadcast live on air to random audiences.

If you’d rather tailor your friendships or fanbase, or even potential hook ups, simply select a country or gender, the app even translates your chats into different languages as you speak.

Budding songwriters in Britain can join multi-national jamming sessions and when one guest leaves the chat another enters.

Or get a culture fix with a live tour of a new city with a group of your new friends without leaving home. Users could even find themselves in a group with a celebrity host or influencer.

Hyperconnect, the company behind Azar, has launched an update ‘1:1 Chat with Live Streamer’ to boost its flourishing British market. Aimed at the over 14’s, safety is monitored 24/7 by advanced AI.

The brand-new feature enables users to connect with streamers currently on Azar Live, providing unique ‚on-air‘ experiences once a connection is accepted. This feature allows Azar’s millions of users to invite various guests to their chats and conduct live broadcasts in new ways. Streamers can set the guest participation mode for video chat users before starting the broadcast, and when a participating guest leaves the broadcast, a new guest is automatically recommended.

With 31.4bn users globally, the app has seen a huge take up in Europe in particular. According to data intelligence monitor Sensor Tower, Azar ranked first among the Apple App Store’s social networking – category across Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Austria in the last quarter of 2023.

Azar has just marked its 10th anniversary, celebrating over 147 billion global connections. The pioneering platform has enabled users from across the globe to connect instantly via video chat, going beyond barriers of nationality, culture, and language. It now facilitates up to 95 million reliable video calls every single day.

Sun-ki Kim, VP and Head of Azar at Hyperconnect, said: „Through ‚1:1 Chat with Live Streamer‘, we can now offer European users new ways to interact with one another that have not been seen before in the live streaming and video chat industry.

„We hope this update continues to build on our success in Europe through creating even more connections across the globe using Hyperconnect’s leading technology.“

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