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A person has raised the alarm about a potential new HMRC scam after they received a phone call allegedly from the tax authority. The individual contacted HMRC over X after they received a suspicious phone call.

They said: “I think I just had a scam call from a number purporting to be you. Who do I call to report this/enquire?”

The group directed them to information on the Government website about how to report such a scam.

The person later replied to confirm they had since reported the suspected fraudulent call.

Fraudsters often call people pretending to be from legitimate banks and other organisations to lure people into handing over details or send them money.

They may also send an email or a letter impersonating an authority such as HMRC to make their ploy appear genuine.

If you have given out any personal details to someone you suspect may be a scammer impersonating HMRC, you can report this to the HMRC security team, by emailing

You should include a description of what information you handed over, such as your name, address and HMRC User ID, but the Government website says not to actually provide these details in the email.

HMRC will never call someone or send a message via text or email about a tax rebate or penalty asking them for personal or payment information.

Consumers should also be suspicious of messages that urge them to act quickly or threaten them if they don’t take action.

Suspicious phone calls purportedly from HMRC can be reported using this form on the Government website. You will need to sign in with your Government Gateway or with an email to report the incident.

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