Netflix renews 3 Body Problem for second season

3 Body Problem follows a group of scientists as they struggle with the realization that humanity isn’t the only species in the universe and that its nearest neighbors are far more technologically advanced and very mean. It stars an ensemble cast featuring Liam Cunningham, Rosalind Chao, Zine Tseng, and Benedict Wong. Though the 3 Body Problem book trilogy spans several centuries, through cryogenic shenanigans, most characters from the present-day timeline should remain throughout the story, meaning we should see a lot of the cast return for season 2.

Netflix didn’t share hard numbers on 3 Body’s metrics, only stating that the show enjoyed three weeks in the number one spot and another several as one of the top 10 Netflix shows worldwide. Nevertheless, the first season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with aliens barreling toward Earth intent on brutal conquest, so a second season was likely. In addition to the renewal, Netflix also shared that Benioff and Weiss, both known for their work on the Game of Thrones series, have renewed their deal to write and direct shows exclusively for Netflix.

3 Body Problem was a shrewd adaptation of Liu’s book, managing to make sense of (and make interesting) some of its sprawling examinations of theoretical physics and light-speed travel. However, 3 Body Problem is by far the most interesting and likable book in the trilogy, and adapting the, we’ll say, quirkier parts of books two and three might prove tricky. I will say that season 1 has already handled what I thought was the most boring and bewildering part of book two, but I’m very curious to see how they handle the rest of it.

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