‚My XL Bully mauled gran to death – now I’m begging for breed to be wiped out‘ | UK | News

The owner of an that mauled a grandma to death has tearfully called for the entire breed to be „wiped out“.

Esther Martin, 68, was killed by two dogs at the home of Ashley Warren, 39, in Jaywick, Essex, as she looked after his 11-year-old son, her grandson.

Her death has left the local community in „terrible shock“, and Mr Warren has tearfully told how heartbroken he was left by the loss of a woman who „meant everything to me“.

The rapper, who was in filming a music video as the attack took place, was previously critical of the Government’s new XL Bully ban.

But he has been changed by the incident and has now come out as one of the policy’s most ardent supporters.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Warren, who goes by the stage name Wyless Man, said he initially felt the Government’s policy was a „stupid“ plan to „wipe out a breed which I had never seen anything but softness and love from“.

But he told the publication he now believes they „need to be wiped out“, after figuring the breed „just has a killer switch“.

Both of his dogs – named Bear and Beauty – were destroyed following the incident last weekend, and Mr Warren was arrested by Essex Police on suspicion of dangerous dog offences.

He has since been released on conditional police bail until March and has spoken extensively about the pain the attacks have caused.

Mr Warren was the partner of one of Ms Martin’s daughters, who died aged 28 two years ago.

One of her other daughters, Sonia Martin, has also spoken out following the incident and has claimed the dogs were an unregistered XL bully breed, but police experts are yet to confirm the breed.

Ms Martin told the BBC her mother was told by Mr Warren to use a broom to „distract“ the six puppies being kept at the home if they started fighting.

She said she believes that the dogs attacked Ms Martin as she attempted to calm the puppies.

Police have said members of the public tried to save the grandmother „within moments“ of the attack last weekend but that emergency responders were unable to save her after gaining entry to her home.

Essex Police Chief Superintendent Glen Pavelin has urged anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Essex police.

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