‘My dream man asked me out on a date but his action was a red flag’


When it comes to dating, an unspoken rule is that the person doing the asking should pay for the bill. It’s a sign of good manners, especially when we’re talking about something as small as a cup of coffee.

Although there are people who may not agree with this tactic, for one woman, it left her puzzled when her date didn’t follow the golden rule.

Before she even arrived at their date, he was already sat comfortably drinking his coffee and without any offers for her either. This little incident didn’t cost much but left a notable impression.

The woman took to social media to discuss the unusual experience: “He didn’t want to pay for the coffee date. I saw he already got his drink and he just let me pay for my own drink. I’ve never had a guy not want to pay on a coffee date.”

Although this experience seemed puzzling, she mentioned they clicked well and looked forward to seeing him again. Her post ended with: “We had a pretty good connection and I’m meeting him again for dinner this week. However, I can’t help but think he’s going to want to split the bill again. I’m not one who expects the guy to always pay but a cup of coffee is less than £5 and he asked me on the date,” reports the Mirror US.

The story sparked a big debate online with some saying the date was “cheap” and telling her to be careful about going out with him again. One person said: “If he can’t pay for a £5 coffee, he probably won’t pay for dinner.”

Someone else suggested: “Proceed with caution and lowered expectations.” Another person added: “The fact that he arrived a few minutes earlier and got his coffee ahead is not random. He doesn’t want to pay for a first coffee, he will not pay for the first dinner.”

Some people told the lady to watch if he does polite things like walking on the right side of the pavement or opening doors for her.

But not everyone thinks the man did something wrong. A different person shared: “On a first date, I would never accept any drink, or even a coffee, if I’m not present.”

Another woman shared her experience, saying: “A while ago, a guy was waiting for me in a bar and ordered the same drink for me that he was drinking before I arrived.

“When I arrived, I lied and said I didn’t drink that type of cocktail and asked him to keep it for himself. Guess what? He didn’t want to drink it, not even after I insisted many times. I have no doubt he put something in it. I blocked him after that date.”


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