Michael Mosley’s family sent message by son of Brit who vanished | World | News

„I wish nothing but love to the Mosley family as I know exactly what they’re going through, and it must be awful for them out there at the minute. I want to tell them not to give up.“

Nearly five years after his disappearance, there is still no sign of Mr Tossell despite a five-day search by police at the time of his disappearance and a separate search by the Western Beacons Mountain Rescue team.

The second search was possible because Mr Tossell’s daughter Katy raised £7,000 through a fundraising campaign.

The search for Michael Mosley has continued through Friday with police announcing that they have called off the water search and moved their focus to the towns of Pedi and Gialos.

Confirming the change, Symi mayor Papakalodoukas Lefterios, said the water searches were being halted and that authorities were prioritising a two-kilometre (1.25 mile) stretch of the coast between Pedi and Gialos.

Speaking to The Mirror about the decision, Mr Lefterios said: “They have not yet found anything – it is a mystery, this disappearance. The police of Symi, the Coast Guard and forces from Athens, including police and criminal investigators, are working non-stop and will be working non-stop till they find any clue.

„I very much doubt there is a criminal aspect in this case. At least as far the local community is concerned. I very much doubt that any of the inhabitants of the island has acted in that way.

“I do believe however, the elder man walking on his own without a phone in an unknown island and 35C of heat could lead to many conclusions. He could have had unknown health issues triggered by the heat and he could’ve wandered through unknown paths and had an accident. Had he followed the right path I believe that everything would have been okay.”

Mr Lefterios’ statement came hours after Michael Mosley’s last known appearance on CCTV was released. The footage was captured 30 minutes after he had left to reunite with his wife and shows him in a dark shirt and cap with an umbrella on his shoulder.

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