Michael Mosley search becomes ‚dangerous‘ for rescuers in sweltering heat | World | News

Firefighters scouring a small Greek island for missing TV star Dr Michael Mosley have said the operation is „dangerous“, with the hot and dry conditions making search efforts challenging.

Emergency services on the island of Symi, in Greece, have had to split up to navigate large stretches of steep rocky terrain on their own, as it’s too hazardous for large groups to work during the searing summer months.

One uniformed worker told OK! 10 rescuers were making their way across multiple summits in the search for the health and diet guru.

Speaking to the outlet from one of the peaks, firefighter Stergos Giakoumakis said, „It’s not so easy to bring here 100 people, especially this period because it’s the most dangerous period. Everything is dry and it is too dangerous for firemen to search.”

Dr Mosley’s wife Clare and his four children have been looking for him near the town of Pedi as he was last seen heading towards a mountain trail known as Agia Marina.

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She has now opened up about the search for her husband and vowed not to lose hope of finding him.

„It has been three days since Michael left the beach to go for a walk. The longest and most unbearable days for myself and my children,“ she told MailOnline.

She explained the search is ongoing and added that the family are „incredibly grateful“ to the residents of Symi, Greek authorities and the British Consulate who are assisting in the search.

Dr Mosley, 67, was last seen on Wednesday afternoon when he spent the morning with Clare and her two friends at the beach.

Searches have continued since he disappeared, and Symi mayor Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas has vowed that extensive efforts will continue until he is found.

Police, firefighters, drones and divers are all involved in the active search, which his family has also joined and their children have flown out to support the efforts too.

Symi’s mayor has issued multiple statements on Saturday morning to provide reassurance that the search will not be winding down.

CCTV images have surfaced showing Mosley half an hour after he left the beach before he vanished.

Rescuers have warned the search is a „race against time“, and authorities are urging anyone with information to reach out.

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