M Night Shyamalan new horror movie gets disturbing trailer with Dakota Fanning | Films | Entertainment


The master of twists is back, but this time M Night Shyamalan is in the producing role as his daughter Ishana Night Shyamalan makes her directorial debut with The Watchers, which is retitled The Watched for its UK release.

The first official synopsis for the new horror reads: “Based on the novel by AM Shine… the film follows Mina, a 28-year-old artist, who gets stranded in an expansive, untouched forest in western Ireland.

“When Mina finds shelter, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers who are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures each night. You can’t see them, but they see everything.

The upcoming new movie stars Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Oliver Finnegan and Olwen Fouéré.

The Watched hits UK cinemas on June 7, 2024.


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