LG’s $100,000 rollable OLED TV is canceled

LG is no longer making the Signature OLED R TV that rolls down and hides in its stand, according to Chosun, which reports LG has already repurposed the manufacturing line for other TVs.

Customer interest in TVs that can disappear in their living room space has been growing, as evidenced by Samsung’s popular Frame TVs that can transform into wall art. But at $100,000 for a 65-inch 4K TV, LG’s rollable screen was too expensive to explain away as a possibly frivolous purchase and too small to fit the lifestyles of people who might be able to afford it.

Hiding away and not coming back.
GIF: Chris Welch \ The Verge

LG has had an affinity for rolling OLED display tech over the years, developing sizes fit for smartphones and laptops and even releasing devices like the G Flex series of Android phones. Although it looks like the rollable TV era is over for the company, we still have the briefcase TV. But for now, LG has one less party trick TV for your living room.

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