Lewis Hamilton will be rubbing his hands together after comments from Ferrari boss | F1 | Sport

team principal has his sights set on taking the fight to ahead of ’s arrival next season. Hamilton is hunting down an eighth F1 world title and has decided that ditching will give him the best shot at doing so.

The Brit is being proved right by the Constructors‘ Championship standings. Six races into the 2024 season, Mercedes‚ points total is roughly a third of the size of Ferrari’s, with Vasseur and co clinging onto Red Bull’s coattails.

Neither Hamilton nor his Silver Arrows team-mate, George Russell, have set foot on the podium this year, while Ferrari have done so six times, with Carlos Sainz also sealing a victory for the team at the Australian Grand Prix in March.

And now, any lingering doubts Hamilton could have about whether he has made the right decision by opting to switch teams, or the scale of Ferrari’s ambition going forward, have been cast aside by Vasseur.

„The target is to be faster than [Red Bull], for sure,“ he told Autosport. „It’s not to stay behind and to wait for something. Last year, I think with five or six tenths [of advantage] they were [winning] so easily, that even if they missed the start, they had enough margin to overtake one car per lap and after five laps they were P1 [again].“

Hamilton and Vasseur have a history stretching back decades. The seven-time world champion, long before his cabinet was full to the brim with F1 silverware, raced for Vasseur’s F2 team, ART Grand Prix, in 2006.

Vasseur has made a positive impression since taking the top job at Ferrari last year. And to restore the Scuderia’s former glory, he has his sights set on a risk-taking approach which could work to Hamilton’s advantage.

„I want to take some risks because our competitors are taking risks,“ the Frenchman continued. „I think it’s the DNA of Red Bull, probably. They are always at the limit everywhere. I’m trying to push the culture of the company to be a bit more aggressive everywhere.

„It’s true that if you want to be on the safe side, on every single topic, you take one kilo of margin, you take two degrees of [wing] margin, you take two millimetres of ride-height margin, everybody has a much easier weekend. But at the end, you left on the table three-or-four-tenths.

„[Risk taking] is the direction that we have to take as a team, collectively. I’m the first one to push. And by the way, I’m the first one to accept that we can do mistakes.“

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