King Charles health update from Camilla as monarch ‚won’t do what he’s told‘ | Royal | News

Queen Camilla has given an update on King Charles‚ health – and his stubborn attitude following his cancer diagnosis.

The Queen, smiling as she shook hands with celebrities at Hampton Court Palace tonight, was quizzed by hit novelist Lee Child about how her husband is doing.

Camilla had moments earlier arrived at the Palace in London for the second annual Queen’s Reading Room Literary Festival, which she founded with a charity in 2023 to promote the benefits of books and reading.

After rubbing shoulders with authors including Harlan Coben, the Queen gave a health update on King Charles to Lee Child, British author of a string of page turners including the Jack Reacher series.

The Queen told author Lee Child that the King is “doing fine except he won’t slow down and won’t do what he’s told”, Child said.
He added that it “sounds to me like a typical husband”.

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