King Charles desperately trying to ‘protect’ Prince William while battling cancer | Royal | News

King Charles is said to be optimistic about his cancer prognosis, but has expressed concern over Prince William having to take on too much

William is heir to the throne, but is currently also dealing with wife recovery from abdominal surgery.

A source close to the palace believes Charles doesn’t want to put too much strain on his eldest son.

The insider told People Magazine: “He wouldn’t want to put that pressure on William.”

They added: “He has always wanted to save his children from having that pressure too early and that will remain. Particularly as William has other priorities [with Kate].”

Charles will continue his constitutional duties but will need to take a step back from public-facing duties, including royal engagements, and that’s where William will help out.

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Charles is known for his strong work ethic, and it’s believed that it will be difficult for him to break from routine.

But with that said, royal biographer Robert Hardman believes “there will be plenty of work for him,” he’ll just be doing it from the comfort of his home.

He took the throne on May 6, 2023, but before that he was a dad, and now that he has cancer, he’s still a dad, and he’s looking out fo this son. And, it sounds like, William is doing the same, he’s looking out for his dad, and is helping out where he can.

Charles will still handle the Red Boxes, go over paperwork and meet with the Prime Minister once a week and William can help out with public-facing, it’s being said.


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And, it’s not just William, Queen Camilla is carrying out engagements on a daily basis and even drove six hours to an event because air travel wasn’t possible due to rain.

She’s working so hard because she doesn’t want to let King Charles down, it’s being said.

It seems like Charles is worried about overwhelming his family, and his family members are concerned about underperforming, and the two might just cancel each other out.

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