Keeping your flowers fresh for longer will cost you a single penny with an expert’s tip

Preserving the freshness of flowers sometimes becomes a race against time, and there are very few ways to getting them to last longer.

One expert’s tip is not only effective, but also very affordable. To be specific, it only costs a penny.

Maryam Ghani, Brand Manager at Haute Florist, shared: “I have seen some pretty inventive ways to try to keep flowers fresher for longer in my time, but there are only a few that truly work.”

Confirming a common hack, Ghani explained that placing a penny in your vase can actually enhance the longevity of your flowers.

However, she clarified that not just any penny will suffice as the components that conform it must be taken into account.

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Post-1982 pennies are predominantly made of zinc, rendering them ineffective in prolonging the freshness of your flowers.

However, pre-1982 pennies, abundant in copper, prove beneficial for preserving your blooms.

Maryam told the Mirror: “The age-old notion of adding a penny to your vase holds merit, courtesy of copper’s inherent fungicidal properties.

“However, it’s imperative to discern the composition of your currency, as post-1982 pennies primarily consist of zinc, rendering them ineffective.

“Opt for pre-1982 counterparts, rich in copper content, for optimal preservation.”

She also suggested additional methods to maintain flower freshness, advising against placing them near fruit or in direct sunlight and proximity to radiators.

These measures help to extend the lifespan of flowers by preventing exposure to ethylene gas emitted by ripening fruit, which accelerates the aging process.

Avoiding harsh sunlight and heat sources like radiators also helps to prevent dehydration of the flowers.

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