Is your horoscope compatible with your partner’s? Take our Valentine’s Day quiz

With Valentine’s Day coming up, most of us have love on the brain. Whether you’ve been with your partner for several years or you have a crush on someone new, there’s no better time than the present to find out which zodiac sign you’re the most compatible with!

It takes more than a zodiac sign to make a long-lasting relationship work, but as each of the 12 zodiac signs have unique traits and characteristics, knowing the signs of the people you love could help to improve the way you understand and communicate with each other.

Some signs are meant to be together, while others might face some challenges. For Instance, Aries and Leo often have a fiery and passionate connection as their strong personalities excite each other.

An adventurous Aries and a sensitive Cancer often have different life approaches which could make romance tricky, but their differences could balance and lead to a bright future with patience and understanding.

Ready to find out what’s written in the stars? Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate relationship quiz to help you discover if you and your partner (or friend) are astrologically compatible.

Whether you’re wondering about your chances with a crush or keen to see if you’ve found your perfect match, there’s no better time than February 14 to find out! Just answer the questions below to take part.

If you can’t see the quiz, click HERE.

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