‘I told my sister she’d chosen a bad wedding date and got uninvited’ | UK | News

Picking a date for any big occasion can be tricky – never mind settling on the date for something as important as a wedding.

Whatever date you settle on, however, there is bound to be at least one guest that it’s not convenient for.

One sibling has told her sister that the date she’d chosen to tie the knot didn’t suit their parents – and managed to get themselves “uninvited” in the process.

They took to online forum on Reddit called AITA (which stands for Am I The A**hole) with their quandary, asking others users if they were being unreasonable for their intervention.

In the post they said their parents had been planning a trip away for around eight months but that their sister had suddenly changed the date to just before their parent’s trip – scuppering their chance to get away on their dream getaway.

The Reddit user goes on to say her sister hadn’t consulted her parents on the date she had eventually settled on – but had asked her future in-laws if it was suitable.

They said: “I find out they had asked her in-laws-to-be (both retired and able to travel whenever they want) if they were available for the new date, but did not extend the same courtesy to my parents, knowing they had those dates reserved for their trip.

“So, I text her saying that it wasn’t considerate and that she had all this information available but decided to choose the new date anyway without even asking our parents.

“So she proceeds to uninvite me. Am I the a**hole?”

People commented below the post to either agree or disagree with the person’s course of actions – and in this instance they received a lot of support.

One said: “Very selfish of your sister. I feel bad for your parents who were looking so forward to this trip.”

“This is a power play by your sister seeing just how much she can trample over the other people in her life. Don’t let her get away with it,” said another.

Another user agreed and said: “Your parents had made clear communications that they have plans for that time so it’s baffling to me tat [sic] she still picked that date.”

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