‘I slept with my brother-in-law and now he wants me to leave my husband’

Jada* had been married to her husband, Fred*, for just shy of 10 years when the affair began. “My husband is amazing,” Jada shared on Reddit. “He works and I stay at home. We have a good relationship.”

They first met when Jada was only 19, and he was 24, but she was closer in age to his younger brother Tom*. Tom and Fred were friends, as well as brothers, which meant Tom was always hanging out around the marital house.

“Me and his little brother always had a great relationship,” Jada reflected. “Sometimes I had a thought that maybe he liked me and I was right.”

One evening, alone together in the living room watching a film, Tom made a move on Jada. “When we were sitting, his brother pulled me into his arms and held me… and I didn’t push away.”

Jada said they “continued like nothing happened” that evening, but a spark was created. “I never told my husband,” Jada said of the incident. “Him and his brother are close.”

The pair would stay up in the early hours of the weekend playing video games, which meant Tom would stay over often.

What was going to be a fairly typical evening, while Fred was out working late nights, turned into a scandalous encounter.

“Tonight, Tom came over,” Jada said. “Everything was cool; we ordered Uber Eats, we played a video game.”

Pausing the game, Tom held onto Jada’s arms while he teased her about her losing streak, but then he laid back on the sofa.

“I laid back too… I curled into him and we laid on the sofa… my hands wondered, resting on his crotch area… and he didn’t stop me.” Jada recalled: “It started on the sofa, then the bed.”

Jada said: “When we were done, I had an anxiety attack; I’m still a mess. His brother cried and confessed he’s loved me for a long time.

“He told me that he wants me to leave my husband for him. I’m in disbelief because they are so close. He also told me that he would care for me and give me a child.”

This hit a nerve, as Jada and Tom had been trying to conceive for more than two years. “This is insane…” Jada admitted. “I don’t know what to do.”

Eventually coming clean to her husband, Fred was emotional and outraged and confronted Tom. When Fred asked Tom if he wanted to be with Jada, he sheepishly replied “yes” and said sorry for falling for Jada.

The brothers are no longer on speaking terms, and while Fred tried to forgive Jada, the resentment grew. “I asked for a divorce,” said Jada. “And I’m now with Tom, living with him in his apartment.”

*Names have been changed since the story was shared to Reddit.

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