‘I called off my engagement because my partner commented on my size – now it’s all chaos’


A 28-year-old man took to Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole subreddit to share his issue with his fiancée, with whom he has been in a four-year relationship, and engaged for one.

Initially, the couple’s April wedding seemed on track, with no significant issues arising during their time together, but one comment from his partner put things into perspective for him.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction with their intimacy, explaining his preference for being a service-oriented partner, investing heavily in foreplay and giving pleasure.

Unfortunately, his fiancée became accustomed to receiving without reciprocating, leading to his feelings of unfulfillment.

Despite addressing the issue multiple times, there was no improvement. Two weeks prior, after another unsuccessful attempt at discussing their intimacy, his fiancée made a hurtful remark about his size, citing it as a barrier to her willingness to engage fully.

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This unexpected comment deeply affected him, despite his confidence in himself and her subsequent attempt to initiate intimacy and apologize only worsened the situation, leaving him feeling disheartened and disconnected. Reflecting on these events, he ultimately decided to call off the wedding and end the relationship.

The man communicated his decision to his fiancée after a ski trip they had planned together, despite her attempts to dismiss his concerns and label his actions as exaggeration and stupidity.

He wrote: “I cannot change it and born that way so why bother sulking over it, I am confident in myself. I have a decent experience when it comes to intimacy and received positive comments from my old partners. I think that is the main reason I can pull down my pants as if I am 8 haha.

“I do not think it was something genuine but told because I was pestering her (again according to her). However, it was such an attraction killer for me. Being hurtful with [another] person just to dismiss the conversation is shallow in my opinion. Especially if it’s something [the] other party cannot change and is body shaming.”

The man then proceeded to cancel all wedding arrangements and contribute financially to the expenses incurred, even at the cost of losing deposits.

The aftermath of his decision left both families in confusion and turmoil, as they were deeply invested in the impending marriage.

Concerns about potential backlash from his fiancée’s conservative family weighed heavily on him, fearing they might misconstrue his actions as using their daughter and leaving her abruptly.

He explained: “I would not be exaggerating if I said everything is chaos right now. Both families are trying to understand what happened out of nowhere when we were both invested in marriage. I have no idea about what to say to people. Both of our families are conservative people (especially her family) and I am afraid I’ll get a beating if her family learns what happened.”

Despite his fiancée’s pleas for reconsideration, he remained firm in his resolve, viewing this as an irreversible decision.

The Redditor grappled with the moral implications of his actions, seeking validation and understanding from others in the aftermath of the breakup.


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