How to get ‚beautiful‘ hair by making simple change

No matter what your current hairstyle or type, the likelihood is that you want ‘shiny and beautiful’ tresses.

It can be hard to find a routine that works for you, however, and sometimes the things you do to achieve more glorious locks can make them look lank and lacklustre.

However, a hair health expert has shared why the type of water you’re using on your hair wash day can make all the difference.

@alexiszander_ took to TikTok to explain “the science behind washing your hair with cold water”.

“Have you heard that you should wash your hair in cold water?” she asked.

She said that the science behind why cold water is the best to use is “basic”, telling people not to worry – and if you follow her advice, your hair will look luxurious.

“When heat comes in contact with your hair, it actually opens up your cuticle,” she shared.

“This is why sometimes when we do hair treatments, we use heat. It opens up the cuticle, so when we’re doing a chemical or condition treatment, it will further penetrate and get inside that hair strand”.

She then explained cold water is the best to wash your hair with as it does the “opposite” of hot water, which means it closes the cuticle.

“So, if you end your shower with cold water, this will cause the cuticle to close, and when everything is flat, the light can reflect off of your hair,” Allie shared.

She finished her video by explaining that this is how you get “really shiny and beautiful” hair.

In the comments, people thanked her for the advice, saying that they were going “to shower right now” to test the theory out.

Another joked: “There’s no hot water in my house at the moment I have no choice but to use cold water.”

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