Harry & Meghan’s ‚unofficial royal tour‘ shows ‚missed opportunities‘ | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent ‚glitzy‘ visit to Nigeria has sparked commentary about what could have been, with a Royal expert pointing out the ‚missed opportunities‘ for the couple and the monarchy.

The Sussexes embarked on an unofficial „royal tour“ of Africa last week, which was deemed largely a success, despite questions over security, their late arrival and Meghan’s attire.

Harry and Meghan however left a lasting impression during their three-day stay, receiving a warm reception at every turn.

Speaking on this Monday, Russell Myers, Royal Editor for the Mirror, reflected on the significance of the trip, suggesting it underscored the potential benefits lost due to Harry and Meghan’s departure from Royal duties, reports the Mirror.

He commented: „I think it’s at times like this, it’s an opportunity missed. So when you see them, the glitz and the glamour, shining a light on all these charities abroad. We could have had a bit of that if people had maybe towed the line on either side.

„But these are all sliding doors moments.“

The rift between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the Royal Family has only deepened since they relinquished their Royal roles in 2020.

Notably, during Harry’s recent trip to London, he did not meet with any family members, as King Charles was reportedly „too busy“ to arrange a reunion.

In a rather uncomfortable moment, Harry and Meghan found themselves standing for ‚God Save The King‘ at a charity event in Nigeria, mere days after their visit was labelled an ‚unofficial Royal tour‘, causing apparent irritation to both Charles and Prince William.

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond told OK!: „The King and William are firmly of the belief that you are either in or out of the working Royals.“

Bond further highlighted the ambiguity of their status: „This seems to be a rather strange halfway house. I think both the King and the Prince, and indeed the Government, will want it to be made clear that Harry is not representing either the Royal Family or Britain on this trip.“

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Richard Montgomery, confirmed the Sussexes were not on official duty.

He stated: „It’s great that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are visiting Nigeria, which I understand is at the invitation of Defence Headquarters. But they are visiting in a private capacity, not an official one.“

Montgomery also told the News Agency of Nigeria: „So, the British High Commission is not involved in arranging or facilitating their programme. They are not representing the work of His Majesty’s Government on this visit.“

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