Green Party leader’s car crash LBC interview as she suggests UK could nuke itself | Politics | News

Green Party leader Carla Denyer appeared to tie herself in knots on LBC earlier today, during an interview with Lewis Goodall.

The environmentalist politician was debating Britain’s nuclear arsenal. The party is against Britain having nuclear weapons, a move that distinguishes them from the other major parties.

Asked to justify the policy and the claim that not having the weapons would make Britain less of a target not more, she said: „The vast majority of Nato countries don’t have nuclear weapons. So, this would a case of the UK joining those.“

Mr Goodall retorted: „Poland doesn’t have nuclear weapons, it’s still a target.

„We would still remain a target of Russia or whoever if we have nuclear weapons or not – we’ll just be more exposed.“

Audibly exhaling, the Green leader appeared stumped by the former BBC journalist’s reply. Pivoting, she said: „Going back to first principles, like what are the circumstances that pressing the red button would solve? I can’t think of any.“

Mr Goodall replied, simply: „Well, it’s a deterrent.“

The 38-year-old leader came back: „I don’t think the argument for a deterrent is very effective.“

„Maybe you’re right“, 34-year-old Goodall said, „but it’s a risk, isn’t it? It’s a risk – you wouldn’t want to take a risk right now at such a risky moment.

Russia is a revanchist power… we are part of Nato, surely the last thing we should be doing is taking a risk with our national security right now?“

Seeming to ignore Mr Goodall, the Green leader attempted to draw an analogy to knife crime: „The argument for having nuclear weapons only as a deterrent reminds me strongly of the argument that you tragically hear young people giving sometimes for why they carry a knife.

„They say they’re doing it to protect themselves and they truly believe that. But the fact is that those who carry knives are more likely to be stabbed, sometimes by their own knife.“

Seemingly bemused, Mr Goodall said: „We’re not going to nuke ourselves are we?“

Stumbling, the Green leader replied: „No, but it makes us a target as I say.“

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