Fiona Bruce has BBC QT audience in stitches as she slaps down SNP boss | Politics | News

Fiona Bruce prompted laughter from the BBC Question Time audience with a brutal putdown to SNP chief Stephen Flynn.

The SNP Westminster leader took exception to Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar interrupting him when he was discussing a question on housing.

But the BBC host pointed out Mr Flynn had „interrupted everybody“, with her comment leaving the audience in stitches.

The moment came as the show debated the cause and solution to the UK housing crisis.

Mr Flynn said: „So firstly Scotland’s story over the course of last 17 years when it comes to housebuilding is one of success when we look at per head of population.“

But Mr Sarwar cut in: „You just declared a housing emergency yesterday…“

The SNP politician replied: „Anas, would you allow me to finish?“

Broadcaster Iain Dale, who was also on the panel, then said: „Well it’s a fair point.“

Mr Flynn said: „Yes and I’ll come to explain why, I think I should be granted the opportunity to explain.“

Ms Bruce said: „Stephen in fairness you’ve interrupted everybody here, but ok, you go for it.“

Her comment sparked widespread laughter from the audience of the show broadcast live from Aberdeen.

Mr Flynn went on: „So per head of population Scotland’s built 40% more homes than England, we’ve built 70% more homes than in Wales.

„The reason we’re not able to continue with the levels of investment we would like is because there’s been a £1.6 billion cut to Scotland’s capital budget by the Westminster government and that is compounded by the fact that construction inflation is through the roof.

„So Scotland has an incredibly positive story in comparison to elsewhere on these isles, I would like that to continue.“

Ms Bruce said: „But it’s clearly got an emergency going on right now.“

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