Easyjet flight diverted as Edinburgh Airport runway forced to close | UK | News


An easyJet flight has been forced to divert after a runway at a major UK airport was forced to close. Flights can be seen circling above Edinburgh this morning, with the easyJet plane forced to land 72 miles away at Prestwick Airport.

Shortly before 8am several passengers took to social media after being unable to take off from the capital, with the airport confirming teams were carrying out small repair works.

According to Flight Radar 24, several planes including Ryanair flights from Milan and Malaga were seen circling the skies above until they were given the all-clear to land.

Replying to confused users on X/Twitter, Edinburgh Airport confirmed that “our teams were carrying out small repair works on the runway and it has now reopened.”

The airport also confirmed they were installing new scanners following changes to rules on liquids in airports. When asked about this, they said: “New scanners are currently being installed and will come online in the coming weeks and months. For now, you should keep following the 100ml rules and prepare as normal.”

The installation of the new scanners – designed to accommodate the change in rules around liquids in hand luggage – has faced delays and several airports have warned they won’t be ready in time for the rush of holidaymakers this summer. As a result, the Government has given airports a 12-month extension to install the new scanners.

The reason why the scanners are changing is because the newest models can produce more detailed images of what’s inside every bag. Sky reported that this could mean passengers are allowed to bring up to two litres of liquid with them onto each flight. Furthermore, there is also the possibility that laptops and other digital devices may no longer need to be scanned separately from other pieces of luggage.

In a statement, Transport Secretary Mark Harper recommended that passengers should check with the airport they’re using before travelling in case they haven’t installed the new scanners. Chief executive of the Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee said they were grateful to the Government for giving airports more time.

She said: “As with any programme of this complexity, there are significant challenges, and we are happy the government has recognised these and agreed to extend timeframes for delivery where necessary.”


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