Duchess Sophie wore hot pink dress and £1.25m tiara in throwback royal wedding pictures | Royal | News

On Frederik and Mary’s special day, Sophie was the epitome of elegance as she donned a hot pink satin dress which featured off-the-shoulder straps, a fitted waist and an A-line skirt.

To enhance her outfit, the royal used a baby candy pink shawl draped over her shoulders while she was seen carrying a pair of white gloves.

Sophie finished her look with a diamond engagement ring, a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and her eye-catching wedding tiara.

Her show-stealing tiara was nestled in a high dark blonde updo and is said to be worth more than £1.2million.

The stunning piece – dubbed the Anthemion Tiara – is thought to have been constructed using four pieces from Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet and made by the Crown Jeweller of that time, David Thomas of Asprey & Garrard.

According to Court Jeweller, Queen Victoria’s Regal circlet was made with a set of detachable fleur-de-lis, Maltese cross, and anthemion elements that could be swapped out and rearranged.

The name of the tiara comes from its use of anthemion – a technique used in ancient Greek times that features a number of radiating petals.

Maxwell Stone, from jeweller Steven Stone, said: „We couldn’t take our eyes off Sophie’s beautiful diamond tiara, which was chosen from Queen Elizabeth II’s private jewellery collection.

„It’s also possible that the tiara serves as a tribute to Prince Philip, due to its use of anthemion – a technique used in ancient Greek times. Before he married Queen Elizabeth II, the late royal was Prince of Greece and Denmark.

„It’s incredibly difficult to put a price on such a magnificent piece. I’d estimate it to be worth approximately £1.25million.“

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