Common household item can help keep onions fresh for as long as 8 months

Few feelings are worse than when you open your cupboard to find one of staple food ingredients to make your dinner has gone mouldy.

Onions are incredibly useful for several recipes, from soups to sandwiches to burgers.

They normally come in huge quantities, which can make it feel like a race against time to finish them before they go off.

But there’s a clever trick with an item you probably already own that can make them last longer.

Storing onions inside tights can extend their shelf lives.

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All you need to do, is cut out the leg portion of a pantyhose to create a tube to pop the onions into.

This storage method is backed up by the National Onion Association.

They explained on their website that onions should be kept dry and in a cool place in your kitchen, and only placed in a plastic bag where air can’t get to them if you have chopped them ahead of time for meal prep – in this case, they should also be popped in the fridge.

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