Astonishing UK country hall selling for £150,000 but there’s a catch | UK | News

Ever fancied being king or queen of your very own castle?

That might be just out of reach for most of us – but this astonishing 25 bedroom country hall is perhaps one way to live the dream on a bargain basement budget.

Otterburn Hall in Northumberland is going up for auction later in the month for a guide price of just £150,000.

The English country house is situated in the Redesdale valley in a rural national park and is set in 16 acres of mature woodland and lawns – and even has its own lake with fishing rights.

But one property expert has taken to TikTok to explain why although it’s a “gem” it’s perhaps not all it seems.

Tiktoker Mike Frisby posted about the property in a clip to his account @mikefrisby_uk that’s been viewed 328,000 times.

He said: “This one is a gem. The floor plan here shows just the extensive size of this building.

“Set within 16 acres of land, fishing rights in this lake – however it’s a Grade Two Listed building requiring a huge amount of work.

“As you can see it’s almost a shell inside.”

The images from inside the property also show leaks in the roof and an extensive amount of refurbishment work that any buyer would have to undertake – and to exacting standards as it has a listed status.

Mr Frisby added: “And absolutely everywhere is gonna have to be repaired or pretty much done all over again.

“I mean you might be able to rescue the staircase but so many other parts just I think are beyond repair.

“Now one of the issues with it being Grade Two is that you need to put it back into looking like how it did.

“This slows it down. This makes it more expensive. So that’s why sometimes people stay away from Grade Two listed buildings.”

From 1980 to 2012 Otterburn Hall was used as a hotel before closing its doors suddenly.

The property boasts two bars, large kitchens and reception rooms, and it narrowly made its reserve price of £300,000 the last time it was sold in 2015.

It will go under the hammer on February 22 by Auction Estates Limited.

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