Zara Tindall ‚just as important‘ as Princess Beatrice in Firm | Royal | News

Although Zara Tindall hasn’t got a title of her own, that hasn’t stopped her from rising through the royal ranks and being regarded in the same esteem as the Princesses of York, a source tells

In fact, Princess Anne’s daughter is proving such a success for the Firm that the Royal Family are considering elevating her public profile to account for her newfound popularity.

„Zara is probably the most popular within the family,“ the source said.

„She has great relationships with the King and Queen, William and Kate, the Yorks and the Edinburghs.

„The only ones she doesn’t really have a great connection with are Harry and Meghan but that’s not really a revelation. The rest of the Royal Family have similar feelings.“

Late last year, Zara explained why she’s grateful that Princess Anne didn’t give her the title of princess.

Zara, 43, discussed the topic while appearing on the ‚Seven: Rob Burrow podcast‘ in December with husband Mike Tindall.

“From my point of view, I was obviously very lucky that my mother didn’t give us any titles so I really commend her on that,” Zara said with a laugh.

“We were very lucky that we got to do it a bit our own way,” she continued, referring to her upbringing with brother Peter Phillips.

The reason Princess Anne, 73, who is currently recovering at home after being hospitalised with a head injury from a horse kick, decided against giving her two children titles was because she felt it would be an unnecessary burden for them.

„Anne was adamant that Peter and Zara should live a relatively normal life without the pressure of titles and royal engagements. She felt titles would be a burden for them,“ the source said.

„It’s not really something the family focuses on too much internally. She’s just as important as everyone else, and is regarded in the same esteem as Beatrice and Eugenie.“

Amid King Charles and Kate Middleton’s cancer battles, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been stepping up more to help plug the gaps in a slimmed down monarchy.

Beatrice stepped in to cover Princess Kate at Mental Health Week earlier this year and both York sisters have been stepping up their charitable efforts in public.

Although Zara will not be standing in for any royals in an official capacity, the source says that the Firm is keen for Princess Anne’s daughter to increase her profile as she is viewed as an asset to the Royal Family.

„Zara won’t be stepping in to cover any of the royals in either an official or unofficial capacity, but she will have an increased presence with the Royal Family and at public events representing the Windsors,“ the source said.

„She’s [Zara] at an age now where she is happy to help out and the senior members of the Royal Family appreciate everything she’s doing behind the scenes.

„She’s been a great support to the King and Kate in recent months and is pivotal when it comes to helping out her mother during her recovery.“

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