Why ‚red bags are loaded first on planes‘, according to popular theory | Travel News | Travel

There’s nothing that breaks you out in a sweat more than waiting for your beloved suitcase at your travel destination.

And it turns out that if you have a red suitcase, you could be waiting longer than your fellow travellers because a video has been circulating on TikTok showing red cases being loaded onto the plane first – and many have their own theories about why this is.

Social media user @idkstirling took to the video sharing platform to explain that he’d done „two hours of research“ to try and work out why red bags were loaded first, and he claimed to have cracked the reasoning.

He said that on social there had been a „tonne of different theories why this was the case“, including one that said it was so they wouldn’t get „left behind when unloading“ because they’re brightly coloured, and people said it was „reasonable“.

But, @idkstirling said that after his hours of research, he found „zero information“ to support the fact that red bags are actually loaded first.

However, he said he found more information from TikToker @djsugue, who claimed that „local bags are loaded first, which means you fly to your stop and you’re off and done“.

Connection bags are second on the plane, which means you’re „going to have another flight“ afterwards. He shared: „The final bags that are loaded are fragile bags and standby bags“.

At the end of the video, he urged people to let him know if they have any more information about the red bag theory.

In the comments, someone claimed it was the bags of the „flight crew“, and they were left wondering how people didn’t know already.

„Seeing that the odds of so many of the same non-designer red bags being on any flight are slim I’d say they belong to the airline to be unloaded last to different baggage terminals“, another guessed.

Someone else said that the bags are „loaded by weight“, so it must just be a coincidence about the red bags all being together. Some questioned how he’d researched the topic for „two hours“.

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