Wall cleaner can remove anything from dirt to pen marks and costs just £4

“Zep’s Wall Foaming Spray is a scrubless formula, and as a professional house cleaner, I cannot tell you how much my wrists love it,” she said in the video.

She sprayed the foaming solution at the green marker lines on the walls. Leaving it to work its magic, she captured a video of the foam removing the marks immediately.

Using a rag, she wiped the marks off the wall in one even swipe. It didn’t remove any paint either.

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She said it can be used for grease removal, crayons, markers, pens, pencil, finger prints, oil stains, and baseboard cleaning.

The product only costs £4 on Amazon. A case of four is available on Zep’s website for about £24.

The reviews call it the “holy grail of wall cleaner.”

“This has been a heaven-sent for my walls especially since they are painted. No streaks (compared to other products) and keeps my walls fresh. I keep multiple bottles in my home, all my walls are painted and if used on a regular basis, the bottle is empty fast. Definitely a staple in my home. Thanks Zep!”

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