Verizon’s Total Wireless prepaid brand is now offering a five-year price guarantee

Total Wireless, a prepaid brand owned by Verizon, now offers a five-year price lock on unlimited data plans. The company is kicking off its new deal with an updated logo and a customer promo that advertises “less than $30 per month,” although you would need four lines to achieve that price per line.

For a single line on Total, you’ll pay $50 per month to get unlimited data, including access to Verizon’s 5G UWB network, and the company promises that “speeds do not slow down through network management.” The price includes taxes and fees.

Total Wireless comparing its features to Metro and Cricket.
Image: Total Wireless

As a comparison, Visible, another Verizon prepaid brand, drops from 5G bandwidth to LTE after a certain amount of “unlimited” data is used. Total and Visible are just two of the eight prepaid brands owned by Verizon, including Straight Talk, Tracfone, Simple Mobile, SafeLink, Walmart Family Mobile, and Verizon Prepaid.

To take advantage of the Total Wireless five-year price lock offer, you must be a new customer who has not previously activated a line with the carrier within the last 90 days. Just keep in mind that the price lock is specifically on the base monthly price and not the one advertised with autopay, and it does not include whatever other discounts you’re getting when you sign up.

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