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A 10-day scorcher could see temperatures soar to 30C across the UK, with forecasters warning Brits to prepare for the „exceptionally warm“ spell of weather. 

Weather experts have confidently forecasted that the cool start to summer will soon give way to ‚exceptionally warm‘ weather across the country, even reaching the northern parts of Scotland.

Exacta Weather has pinpointed the period around July 10-20 as a particularly hot stretch, with temperatures peaking between the 15th and 17th.

Forecasters said: „It is still very early days for this developing scenario.

„But, if things continue to develop as expected over the next several weeks, then there is no reason why we couldn’t see temperatures topping out at the mid to high 30s at the very least, particularly in more southern areas.“

Exacta Weather shared its predictions on Facebook, alerting Brits to prepare for ’some sort of potential heat dome scenario‘.

Weather maps depict the UK blanketed in red, indicating high pressure throughout the 10-day heatwave.

The UK could see thermometers spiking from July 9, with temperatures expected to reach a comfortable mid-20s and continue through Wednesday.

By July 11, the mercury is predicted to rise even further, potentially ‚exploding over 30C‘ the following day.

However, the Met Office cautions that average temperatures for this time of year may persist due to an active jet stream moving at ‚185mph‘.

Forecaster Alex Burkill explained: „That is going to be driving various weather systems as we go through the rest of the week and with that we do have some cooler air around which is why temperatures are several degrees below average for the time of year.“

He added that it’s still likely to become ‚quite a bit warmer‘ next week, possibly due to a Scandinavian high.

Mr Burkill clarified: „When I say temperatures are rising they are only really rising to around average for the time of year nonetheless temperatures in July are fairly high so it is going to feel warm and even hot at times in the sunshine.“

However, it seems the UK will endure another rainy weekend as the weather remains ‚unsettled and rather cool‘.

In Northern Scotland, yellow weather warnings have been issued for Friday 5 July and Saturday 6 July, due to heavy rain that could lead to ‚localised flooding and some transport disruption‘.

The Met Office warns that a few homes and businesses could potentially flood, while spray and flooding on roads may likely extend journey times.

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