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A short, sudden burst of heat has been hampered by more rain, fuelling fears a summer sizzler will never materialise. But despite yo-yoing weather maps, there’s hope to be had.

That’s according to meteorologist Jim Dale who says the coming weeks could paint a different picture. Speaking to, he said: „There is nothing hot in the short term; but in 10 or so days time we may be seeing levels that we saw last few days.

„[There are] some marginal pushes out of Northern Africa, but the main thrust is likely through Central Europe.“

Mr Dale, a climate spokesman and author, has previously told the Express he anticipates a hotter surge to potentially hit Britain come July or August. Experts are generally down-playing any risk of the mercury rising to sweltering highs of 40C, as was prevalent on July 19, 2022.

But new maps show the potential for a European surge to make a difference in temperatures by the end of this month, but currently thermometers are not likely to show anything groundbreaking.

Weather maps show a surge pushing up through northern Europe from around May 25 – 11 days from now. But the real heat will engulf France from May 28, with maps turning red and orange.

This signals an uptick in temperatures, showing the south of France sizzling in highs of up to 28C, with the southern coast of England set to catch a glimmer of that heat.

The coast of Kent will see highs of 21C by midday which will take hold inland, towards Dartford, central London and past the M25. But it’ll be Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk that’ll see one extra degree.

The 21C to 22C surge is set to reach as far north as Leeds. This will shoot up slightly to 23C north of London from around 3pm on May 28. There are no clear indications as yet as to whether the hot weather will persist.


Patchy rain across southwest Scotland, northern, eastern and some central parts of England, turning locally heavy. Warm spells of sunshine elsewhere, but with a few showers, these also locally heavy.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Warm sunshine but with scattered showers. A risk of heavy, thundery downpours. Northern areas perhaps becoming mostly fine by Saturday. Cooler, with low cloud affecting North Sea coasts at times.

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