Tory MP calls for crackdown on ‘mindless’ fly-tippers blighting communities across UK | Politics | News


A Tory MP has demanded the closure of loopholes that allow “mindless” fly-tippers to advertise their “criminality” online.

Paul Bristow said his proposed Bill will target people who turn neighbourhoods into dumping grounds.

He said: “Fly-tipping is one of the country’s most despised crimes. But for too long, it has been allowed to blight communities across the country both urban and rural.

“There are things we can do about it – and this Bill will target mindless criminals who turn our neighbourhoods into dumping grounds.

“We’re going to close loopholes that allow them to advertise their criminality online and we’re going to force local authorities to find perpetrators on both public and private land.

“We need a zero-tolerance approach to his scourge.”

Over a million incidents of fly-tipping are reported yearly and cleanup costs have soared above £400 million per year.

It refers to the illegal dumping of any waste onto land that does not have a licence.

Martin Montague, the founder of fly-tipping reporting app Clearwaste, said: “Fly-tipping stands as one of the most despised crimes in our nation, with over a million reported incidents annually and cleanup costs soaring above £400 million per year.

“The environmental impact is dire, and countless communities suffer as a consequence.

“This bill targets two crucial amendments that could drastically curb fly-tipping and impede the operations of criminal elements within this sector.”

Mr Bristow wants to force local authorities to issue fines in cases where evidence of fly-tipping is substantiated, both on public and private lands

Nearly a quarter of UK local authorities refrain from issuing fines or pursuing prosecutions, figures have suggested.

Mr Bristow, who introduced a 10 minute rule bill in the Commons yesterday (Tuesday), also wants to mandate the display of a valid waste transfer licence number for all waste removal service advertisements.

He believes this would significantly limit the avenues available to illegal operators using popular online platforms.


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