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A European country with beautiful beaches has been named one of the most miserable places to live. Bulgaria, in the Balkans in eastern Europe, has been named the most miserable place to live in Europe in a poll by Eurostat.

The poll, which measured levels of life satisfaction, asked people living in Europe to rate their life satisfaction out of 10 with zero being the least satisfied and 10 being the most satisfied.

Bulgaria sat at the bottom of the list, with an overall average score of just 5.6 out of 10.

Despite this, Bulgaria is popular with tourists and is famous for its beaches on the Black Sea and towns so pretty some consider it an undervalued riviera.

According to Balkan Holidays, the most popular beach resort in the country is Sunny Beach. Furthermore, they added that it was voted the best-value holiday destination in a 2021 report.

A spokesperson for TripAdvisor said that the area “appeals to young international travellers for its sand dunes, water sports, and thrumming nightlife”. Other popular beaches in Bulgaria include Cape Kaliakra, Kavatsite Beach, Nirvana Beach, and Irakli Beach.

Of these beaches, Cape Kaliakra was voted one of the best on TripAdvisor. Writing on the site, Dara said: “Due to its location in the summer it is extremely warm, also because of the sea blowing and wind.

“There are places for photos, artefacts from a previous life, a museum, and at the bottom there is a restaurant in which the prices are not low, but the food is very tasty.”

Ida.T added: “Stunning views at the cape. Visited out of season and it was great as the weather was still pretty warm and yet it wasn’t crowded at all.

“Stunning views of the cliffs and the sea, wind farm can be seen in the distance. Worth a trip. There is a small museum and Roman ruins, as well as ruins or newer churches and buildings from the 14th century.”

Narrowly beaten by Cape Kaliakra was Kavatsite Beach which has a bustling seaside town and gorgeous sands.

Visitor Todor S said it had the “best beach in Bulgaria” while Maria Tosheva added: “Incredibly shallow and crystal-clear sea. Lots of entertainment options, and nice dining. Beach for unforgettable moments with friends or family.”

As well as incredible beaches, Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has also been praised for its culture and position as one of Europe’s cheapest city breaks.

Airline Wizz Air said: “Bulgaria is known to be a cultural melting pot of Greek, Slavic and Turkish cultures, among others.

“Why not experience these cultures through indulging in a romantic candlelit dinner? Filled with beautiful parks, you can follow up by taking a stroll with your loved ones in some of Sofia’s stunning public spaces, like the Borisova Gradina.”

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