The beautiful way King Charles and Sarah Ferguson are supporting each other through cancer | Royal | News

The King and the Duchess of York have been supporting each other over their cancer diagnoses in a beautiful way, it has been revealed.

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson exchanged touching letters with one another following the news about their respective cancer battles, according to Royal Family insiders.

The 64-year-old ex-wife of Prince Andrew was diagnosed with melanoma before the 75-year-old monarch was found to have a form a cancer, too. The type of cancer the King has is not yet known.

The Mirror reports that the pair wrote to each other following their diagnoses in a heartfelt gesture.

The monarch began treatment this week at a London hospital and he is said to be “wholly positive” of his prognosis.

A source said: “The King and Sarah are incredibly fond of one another and now they have bonded over their respective cancer diagnosis with an exchange of letters.

“Cancer is a wicked disease that affects so many individuals and their families and it’s clear that extra support from loved ones and the extended cancer community can help immeasurably.”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the King has spent more time with Princess Beatrice and her husband than Prince Harry since his diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex returned to the UK from California to visit his ill father, but reportedly only spent 30-45 minutes with him.

The Daily Mail’s Diary editor Riched Eden said: “The King met Harry at Clarence House for little more than half an hour. This was, I can reveal, less time than His Majesty spent with Princess Beatrice and her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, the previous day.”

Since his trip to Clarence House, the 39-year-old Harry has returned to the United States. He made an appearance on-stage at the NFL Awards and appeared “on top form”, according to a body language expert.

Judi James said the Prince’s appearance transmitted the sense that he was care-free after popping in to see his unwell father.

She told “After some anxious-looking body language as he arrived to visit his father in the UK, Harry appears to be on top form here, adopting a pose associated with stand-up comics as he delivers his speech at the NFL awards.

“His eye contact is direct with the audience and there seems to be no desire to stand behind the small podium as he scopes his hands out, fingers pointing upward, to suggest confidence, with his lips opened and curled up to display upper and lower teeth in a rather naughty, congruent smile of what looks like excitement and delight.

“His greeting ritual with the winner is sportsman-macho, with a hug and then this bicep clasp to reflect Harry’s duck-to-water approach to any sporting events.”

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