Skincare fan swears by anti-ageing product duo that keeps her ‚wrinkle-free‘ at 39

A skincare fan claimed that at 39 years old, she shows minimal signs of aging, with not a wrinkle in sight.

Her secret? A combination of two products she says are so good she will “buy until I die”.

A Redditor initiated a discussion on skincare on the social media platform, highlighting the inevitable nature of aging and the importance of using the right skincare to preserve beauty.

„I know how frustrating it sounds, but all of us are getting old, and we have to fight for our beauty,“ she wrote. „I’ve recently turned 37, and I never thought that the aging problem would ever reach me.“

The online user went on to ask her fellow Redditors for advice on how to maintain a youthful complexion.

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One 39-year-old respondent detailed her routine, which of course, includes using sunscreen “religiously”.

„No wrinkles, very few fine lines. I’m really happy with my skin at the minute,“ she said.

„Sunscreen religiously,“ the woman continued. „Every damn day, even if you don’t leave the house. Will help prevent future damage but won’t help undo existing damage.

„I love La Roche-Posay Anthelios. Do not buy a moisturiser with sunscreen in, they’re not good enough, you want a proper sunscreen.“

But the true secret to keeping wrinkles away (and maintaining fine lines to a minimum) lies in a specific product combo, according to the woman.

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic [in the] morning and Discoloration Defense morning and evening,“ she said.

„Expensive but I was blown away by their effect on my pigmentation, so now I have to buy them until I die.“

However, the beauty fan noted that results won’t show instantly, but rather after a period of time.

„You won’t get results overnight,“ she said. „Stick with a routine for a few months and see how you get on.”

„I saw results with vitamin C in four weeks, retinol in about 12 weeks,“ she added.

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