Shark fan that can make outdoor spaces 5°C cooler has £50 off

A snazzy new fan that can be used both inside and in the garden has seen its price fall by £50 in a surprise discount. The Shark FlexBreeze launched recently to much fanfare, with lots of positive reviews flooding in for the summer gadget.

Shark says the product is a 12-in-1 fan, with various settings, including five cooling fan speeds, 180° oscillation, 55° tilt and a controller. If keeping cool in the garden is what you’re after, the fan comes with a misting attachment that can cool outdoor spaces by up to 5°C. 

It’s currently discounted in a Shark sale event, with the price falling from £199.99 to £149.99. Amazon recently had it for £149, although it appears that offer has since ended.

Mum-of-two Narin Flanders got to try out the FlexBreeze and was very impressed, saying it “exceeded my already high expectations”. Writing on The Mirror, Narin said: “Getting the FlexBreeze out of the box, it looks disconcertingly complicated with lots of different attachments and pieces to unpack. But rest assured, it is easily clipped together and I had it charging in the corner of the room within a couple of minutes – actually, what took the longest was breaking down the box for recycling.

“This might just be the most versatile fan I’ve ever used and, at that point, I think it’s worth the price even before Shark knocked £50 off it in their summer sale. You can use the five-speed FlexBreeze indoors or outdoors, corded or cordless – although you’ll need to charge it before you take it outside for the first time.

“Much to my children’s delight you can even attach a little water compartment to it and spritz cool water droplets if you’re sitting outside on one of those still and boiling days of the heatwave.“

“The thing I love most is how truly versatile it is. You can unclip the main fan from the stand to make it freestanding with a flick of the wrist and, suddenly, if you’re having a drink in the garden in the sun and it feels a bit too hot you’ve got a refreshing breeze. According to Shark, this reduces the air temperature by a none-too-shabby 5 degrees.”

However, it wasn’t all brilliant, with Narin saying a “minor quibble” is if you’re using it in the full stand it would be handy for it to be a bit taller. She added: “But having used it for a while I’m happy to work around that by converting it into a tabletop fan and putting it on a counter or desk instead.”

Elsewhere, Amazon stocks a fan for less than half the price that has various fancy features, including height and tilt angle adjustment and a remote control. The Amazon Basics 3-Speed Standing Pedestal Fan is priced at £59.94. Argos also has £19 off a Duux Whisper Grey Pedestal Fan making it £110.50.

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