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A Santander customer was shocked to receive an ‚aggressive‘ letter demanding they provide details or their account would be suspended.

The saver contacted the bank over X to say: „Had an aggressive letter today from you demanding more information.

Information I gave when I opened the account but saying if I don’t respond you will suspend my account.

„Why? I opened the account in the Queen St branch Cardiff.“

A member of the customer support team replied to say they couldn’t access their particular account, and asked them to call 0330 9 123 123 for help.

The customer was unhappy with this response, saying: „I’m sorry it’s not good enough I transfered my account from HSBC under recommendation from my husband.

„It was all done in branch now you’re going to suspend my account if you don’t get the information I gave you in branch. I’m not happy and sorry I transferred.“

The support team apologised for the inconvenience and directed them to this help page on the Santander website.

The saver replied again the next day to say they had not been able to resolve the issue at the branch.

They said: „So we went into your branch in Cardiff there would seem to be no reason for the letter but we still got to fill it in and send it back.

„Why? No explanation just an aggressive letter threatening to stop my access to my money. Why?“

The Santander team said: „I’m afraid we can’t confirm that here as we don’t have access to customer details on this platform.

„We understand that you’re frustrated about what happened, and if you would like to log a complaint with us, details can be found on our website.“

They provided a link to this page where a customer can file a complaint.

The angry customer then said: „Got to do online banking to use the link you sent me. We’ve been into the branch and they were useless.“

In response, a member of the team urged the customer to send the full details to this email so it could be looked at further:

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