Russian oil depot burns after ‚Ukraine drone attack‘ | World | News

A massive drone attack reportedly launched by Ukrainian forces overnight caused massive fires at two Russian oil depots.

Ukraine is believed to continue testing Russia’s air defence with its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as Moscow has accused it of launching several drones during the night between July 5 and 6.

The attack focused on Krasnodar Krai, a territory in western Russia some 600 miles from the Ukrainian border.

Russian media claimed the attack focused on three districts – Yeisk, Leningrad and Pavlovsk – within the region, and that the drones were shot down by air defence.

However, a statement by local officials circulating in Russian media claimed the „falling debris“ damaged a cell tower and an oil depot in the Pavlovskaya area.

Another fuel tank, in the village of Leningradskaya, also caught fire as a result of the drone attack.

Videos circulating on the messaging platform Telegram show massive flames rising from the depots.

The blazes raging in Leningradskaya were attributed by officials to a fuel storage catching fire following the fall of UAV fragments.

Emergency and special services were called to the area to put out the major fires. Preliminary reports suggested the attack didn’t cause any casualties.

Over the past year, Ukraine has successfully infiltrated the Russian territory with its drone to strike sensitive targets such as oil depots, airfields and factories linked to the country’s defence and war machine.

Ukraine doesn’t normally claim responsibility for attacks launched outside of its internationally-recognised borders – which include the Donbas and Crimea.

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