Royal Family Live: Prince Harry award reveals ’sad turn‘ | Royal | News

Prince Harry’s nomination for the Pat Tillman Award shows how his life has taken „a sad turn“, according to an author.

The Duke of Sussex has so far not confirmed whether he will accept the honour, named after a former NFL player who joined the US Army after 9/11 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan before being killed by friendly fire. Following Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan, an award was created in his honour and this year it is due to go to Prince Harry.

But author Douglas Murray claimed the Duke of Sussex is „not doing, but receiving awards as if he is doing“.

Speaking on Sky News Australia, he said: „We shouldn’t say they [Prince Harry and Meghan Markle] win awards, but they get gifted them by the sorts of people they hang out with.“

Mr Douglas said the award is a reminder of the „sad turn“ in Prince Harry’s life. He said: „There was an awful lot he could have been a really meaningful figurehead for and, like his grandfather the late Duke of Edinburgh who set up the Duke of Edinburgh awards, that could have been the Prince Harry awards.“

The author added: „It’s part of the inferno one would not want to live in.“

ESPN explained that they had chosen to honour the Duke for his „tireless work in making a positive impact for the veteran community through the power of sport“ with his Invictus Games.


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